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Build Up! Cheer up! Speak up! ( B.C.S.)


Services to Improve School Performance and help for Parents


Helping Educators Maximize the Class Learning Community

 Camille Boyd understands the deeper causes;  insecurity, isolation, misdirection, and lack of confidence that afflict many of our children.These issues are often expressed through behavioral and emotional means that impede the learning process. She teaches educators how to press the RESET button and build a foundation of kindness that allows students of all ages to be their best selves in the class and school community.These Kindness Learning Communities (KLC) are proven to be successful in increasing  student investment and the window of opportunity for learning.

Camille Boyd has served in suburban and inner city school districts teaching educators how to apply the KLC model. She can teach you and your team of educators with a tailor made plan  based on the needs of your school.


Helping Parents Empower themselves in the task of parenting successful children

Camille Boyd helps parents simply apply kindness to themselves, which improves relationships for children and families . Parenting in this age of social media, chaos and peer pressure, can make your job as a parent challenging at best! The power of kindness builds healthy bonds through Kindness Family Relationships ( KFR). Her parent training program Take Back Your Power ,helps parents use simple, strategic acts of kindness to transform and improve parent/child engagement.

Parents and children are then empowered to embrace their identity and rise to meet the challlenges they face! Camille Boyd can help you increase your positive impact on your child! 


Build Up, Cheer up, Speak UP!

Camille Boyd is a Speech/Language Pathologist who teaches children how to find and embrace their unique power through communication. Children who find and embrace their voice, learn to build a community of voices that BUILD UP others, CHEER UP those who may be experiencing a hard time and SPEAK UP for themselves. BCS groups within the school community have helped to shape a school culture of student leaders and peer mentors who  translate child safety, empowerment and character to make a positive impact.She will show you how to BUILD your BCS Team and be the change in your school culture!

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